Radiant Sol

Radiant Sol

For Yoga Teacher and studio owner, Bea Dubinsky, yoga has been a practice of the heart and a journey towards inner freedom and healing.

Inspired to learn more about yogic practices after reading a library book about Buddhism at the tender age of eight, Bea’s journey to yoga is an inspired one.

Drawing on yogic philosophies throughout her teen years to overcome insecurities around her body image, Bea began a regular yoga practice at the age of 19. Yoga quickly became a sanctuary and space for ‘inner knowing’ for Bea, whose early career in mental health allowed her to apply yogic principles and practices to help her clients overcome anxiety, depression and chronic stress.

Believing in its life-changing potential, Bea commenced full-time formal studies in Yoga some 10 years ago. Whilst her yoga practice before formal training had been comprehensive, studies exposed Bea to a range of teachers from various lineages. “It was that exposure that allowed me to develop my own authentic, grounded and compassionate breath-guided Vinyasa.”

Co-founder of Port Melbourne’s former ‘Simple Affair’ organic grocery, café and wellness centre, Bea established a popular yoga studio above Bay Street in 2005. And whilst the business was plagued by unforeseen personal tragedies, including the sudden death of one of her business partners, Bea’s yoga practice afforded her an inner strength to serve her growing community of students who came for her holistic, heart-centred approach to yoga.

After relocating her students from Simple Affair to the current studio near the Town Hall on Bay Street, Bea and business partner, Mae Mills, launched Radiant Sol Yoga in February of this year. Their vision for the business was a simple one – to share the healing power of yoga with the community and make a living doing what they love.

Their beautifully outfitted space, complete with radiant heating, enables them to offer their signature Power Flow classes in a studio heated to 30 degrees. Mae’s “strong and sweaty power flow yoga, is made utterly sublime by her closing aromatherapy massage and guided relaxation.” Harnessing the invigorating power and meditative flow of vinyasa, Power Flow combines a dynamic physical workout with deep relaxation and stillness. And as Bea contests, “there’s no better way to get a total mind-body workout in just one hour.” 

But Radiant Sol is so much more than just Yoga classes. Bea and Mae have created a community of teachers and students keen to share a journey of connection, vitality and strength through yoga. Their small class sizes ensure you receive attentive care and guidance to prevent injury, and support to grow your personal practice.

Bea’s journey to Radiant Sol has also included the birth of her two sons, now aged 6 and 20 months. Inspired by her own birth experience Bea has a keen interest in holistic birth education and empowering women to “find their inner mama-warrior”. Bea is now passionate about bringing the gifts of yoga to the whole family with prenatal, mums & bubs, toddler and kids classes. But her work in this space has delivered dual benefits, “the studio attracts a number of first-time expat mums, many of who don’t have much family support, so I feel privileged to hold a space where women can share in the joys and challenges of motherhood, without judgment of themselves or each other.”

Not shy of taking on a challenge, Bea is now embarking on her latest endeavour – studying environmental law. “I am determined to live a life of passion and purpose, to manifest the highest expression of my spirit. But to be honest, without yoga, I’d be overwhelmed by the pressure of it all. Yoga allows me to come back to my centre and greet every day from a place of personal truth.”

Radiant Sol offers 22 classes over a seven-day week, with new classes being added every month. With classes between 6:15am and 9pm, there’s never been a better time to incorporate yoga into your fitness regime. Bea and Mae invite you to enjoy 10 days of unlimited yoga FREE to experience the transformative effects of a regular yoga practice in your life.

325 Bay St
Port Melbourne
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This is featured article is from the April 2015 issue of the Port Melbourne Magazine. To read more click here!