Walk Local, Taste Global

Walk Local, Taste Global

Walk Local, Taste Global

Budding Chefs & Vintage Wines

Port Melbourne - Saturday June 18

Earlier this year we held a very successful Walking Tour and visited several Port Melbourne restaurants and sampled a variety of cuisines.

This was a Community initiative in conjunction with the Port Melbourne Business Association.

On a wintry afternoon on Saturday 18th June we once again explored some new and different taste experiences with 45 like minded people.

We started with a warming tipple at a Wine Bar.  Half of us visited the Imbibe Wine Bar and the other half of our group spent an hour at Harry and Frankie’s, further up the road. 

We all then headed to Mardo’s, formerly the Sloany Pony Pub but now a Function Centre and during the week, a Cooking School.  The students prepared and served us lunch then joined us to talk about their course and aspirations.

Lunch over we again divided into two groups and the group who visited Imbibe before lunch walked up to Harry and Frankie to partake in a Wine Tasting while the other group enjoyed the hospitality of Imbibe.

We spent a couple of warm and engaging hours eating and drinking.  A great way to showcase Port Melbourne and meet the neighbours.

Keep your eyes open for the next Walk later in the year.

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