Timothy Ben Zweifel

AFRICA: For Romance and Romantics

Timothy Ben Zweifel
AFRICA: For Romance and Romantics

Mysterious, awe-inspiring and remote, Africa is the perfect choice for a romantic holiday of a lifetime, or the romantic at heart. With the wild beauty of vast savannahs, the thrill of close-up encounters with native wildlife and the old-world charm of traditional safari camps deep in the wilderness, an African safari is truly unforgettable. 

Despite being swept up by the magic of the Lion King, Flight Centre Port Melbourne’s Team Leader, Michelle Chapman, encourages people to look beyond the Serengeti. “I always had my heart set on a trip to the Serengeti, but a chance opportunity to safari in Namibia has really opened my eyes.”

Traveling with Bench Africa in 2015 sealed Michelle’s love for the people, culture, wildlife and diverse landscapes of Africa. Considered to be on 80% of Australian’s travel bucket lists, Africa offers safari opportunities as varied as its terrain. “I think the biggest misconceptions about Africa are that it’s expensive, dangerous and too far away. But I always remind my clients that you have next to no ground costs on arrival with all-inclusive safaris and Africa is really much safer than many places in the world right now. As for the distance, Europe is further people!”

With small camp sizes and personal service, a safari experience at any budget offers you the chance to escape in romantic solitude. Whether in a secluded lodge or a comfortable tented suite, Africa lets you get away from it all. 

But you don’t have to be coupled to be swept up in the beauty of the African wilderness. For romantics, Africa’s famously spectacular sunsets set the scene for reflection and contemplation at any age and stage. “With so many like-minded people on safari, you’ll never feel lonely. Our camp had a magnificent view of a waterhole and each evening, drink in hand, we would watch in wonder as the wildlife came to seek relief from the heat.” 

A popular pursuit for honeymooners, safaris are synonymous with romance and adventure. Surrounded by the sounds of the African bush and blanketed by a kaleidoscope of stars in the sky, the extraordinary shared experiences of safari are craved by couples seeking a truly romantic escape.  

With safari options ranging from real camping to glamping and luxury lodge experiences, there is an experience for every budget and taste. “Sleeping in a two man tent in the African wilderness was truly unforgettable, but a luxury experience is a delightful way to relax, unwind and truly be pampered.” 

With further travel on the cards, Michelle’s adventurous spirit will see her return to Africa in 2018. “I’ve travelled and worked in some incredible places in the world, but Africa is amazing and I can’t wait to go back.”


Michelle’s tips for enjoying a romantic safari:

  • Leave your expectations at home. The wonder of Africa will reveal itself and blow your mind if you go into it with an open heart.

  • Capture your experience on film by all means, but don’t let photos be your only memory. Africa is vast and spectacular and you’ll miss it if you spend the whole time staring at it through the lens!

  • Visit your travel doctor before departure for a safe and healthy trip.

  • But most importantly, get yourself some very effective mosquito repellent!


And if time permits, Michelle recommends teaming your safari experience with a resort escape in Zanzibar. A short flight from mainland Tanzania, Zanzibar’s sparkling aquamarine waters, beautiful white sandy beaches and magnificent coral reefs are the perfect antidote to the savannah heat. But more than just a resort island, Zanzibar’s historical Stone Town, with its winding alleys, bustling bazaars, mosques and grand Arabian styled houses, speak to the ancient cultural heart of the region and its melting pot of cultures.

If the sheer romance and wonder of a safari or remote Zanzibar tropical island escape is on your bucket list, see Michelle at Flight Centre, Port Melbourne. From budget options through to luxury experiences, Michelle and her team can create your dream African escape.


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