3207 PORT
3207 PORT

We’re joining the Garage Sale Trail

We're joining the Garage Sale Trail – and YOU’RE ALL INVITED! That’s right, Port Melbourne is taking part in Australia’s biggest garage sale on the Garage Sale Trail on Saturday 22 October!


WHERE IS IT? Port’s Community Garage Sale will be located on Raglan St on Saturday 22 October from 10am to 4pm.
Right next to PORT'S PAW PARADE!

WHO CAN DO IT? Anyone can get involved. If you’re a household, community group, school, charity or community-minded local business... GET INVOLVED! Imagination is the only limit what YOU can sell at Port’s Community Garage Sale. 

WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU? Declutter, make some pocket money, fundraise for your school or charity, or just come and meet the neighbours! Oh, and you might just score some great ‘stuff’ too! 

REGISTER TODAY! Register with us by 17 October 2016 to reserve your spot or table at Port’s Community Garage Sale! We’ll bring the crowds, put up bright colourful signs and arrows to the sale area, turn up the music, and dress up to get people excited!


  • Register for a spot or a table in Port’s Community Garage Sale
  • Turn up at 10 am to set up all your cool stuff
  • Price your stuff wisely
  • Get yourself at least $50 of small change (notes & coins!) so that people can pay for even the cheapest of items with ease 
  • Have a donation plan for the ‘stuff’ you don’t sell

Need more reasons to get involved?



Decluttering isn’t about living without stuff, it’s about living with intention and making room for the good stuff in life. Refocus on the things that make you happy, like the people that make you laugh! Decluttering is about making a choice about the lives we want to lead and having fun doing it… oh and making some pocket money in the process! #declutter #happyhomes #wellbeing



Lots of things contribute to happiness, but stress is a biggie. UCLA Research shows clutter increases the stress hormone cortisol which affects how well you sleep, how well you can concentrate, focus and process information. Decluttering is about finding a balance between the stuff you have and the stuff you need to simplify life, reduce stress and make a little more room for happiness. Declutter and spark some happy by seeing your stuff reused - it’s good for you and good for the planet. #declutter #happyhomes #wellbeing



Waste is growing six times faster than our population. Eeek! Buying and selling at a garage sale is a great way to reduce and think differently about waste. One garage sale on its own doesn’t make much of a difference, but when a community gets on board, good stuff translates into big outcomes.  #australia #reuse #movement