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3207 PORT

Port Melbourne Business Association


Established in 1990, the Port Melbourne Business Association (PMBA) is one of Melbourne’s oldest, organised trading associations. 

Established to lobby council on the needs of local businesses, one of the association’s founding members, Tony Hill, continues to serve on the PMBA’s committee.

“Back in 1990 the area was largely industrial, so 90% of the council’s rate contributions were paid by businesses, for this reason, it was important that we have a voice.” – Tony Hill.

Evidence of some of the early achievements of the Association can be seen in the Bay Street pavement between Liardet and Graham Streets. In 1997 the Association successfully lobbied the council and Vic Roads to widen the footpath to make al fresco dining possible. A metal strip delineating the original width of the footpath can still be seen today.

The association was also integral in the development of the commercial and retail space between Graham and Rouse Streets. Part of the original plan for Port Melbourne’s Bay Street, the retail precinct now inches ever closer to the bay.

Get involved. 
With a structured business plan, regular meetings and an established calendar of community events, the PMBA welcomes contribution and participation by both locals and the trading community alike. 

To find out more about the activities of the PMBA contact: Van Le-Hugh


Upcoming Committee Meetings

Committee meetings are open to the public and are scheduled for every 2nd Wednesday of the month.

07:30 am - 08:30 am at Rock Paper Scissors Cafe

Upcoming dates: